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What Matters is What Works

New research explores the positive impact DreamBox Math has on elementary students. Data indicates that all students achieve more when completing DreamBox Math lessons, regardless of race or poverty status. The results prove that, whether implemented at the district- or state-level, students across all achievement levels who use DreamBox Math can reach or exceed grade-level proficiency!

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Data from these two studies show DreamBox Math is

4x more effective than the average elementary school math intervention


Equally impactful for students regardless of grade, race, and FRL status


Difference in year-end test growth between students who complete 5 lessons per week vs. students who don’t

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How Statewide Efforts Drive Math Achievement

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William Penn and Learning Platform


Increased end-of-year test scores in just 55 minutes a week

K–6 students at William Penn School District in Pennsylvania who completed at least 3.5 DreamBox Math lessons (about one hour per week) had higher end-of-year math achievement scores for diverse and historically vulnerable population, according to a new third-party study.  

  • DreamBox Math is 4X more effective than the average elementary school math intervention. 
  • DreamBox use is associated with significant learning acceleration that is needed for all students. 
  • DreamBox Math is equally impactful for students regardless of grade, race, ELL status, and special education status. 

Download the research brief and full study to learn more.  

South Carolina Achievement Graph

State Analysis

Significant 4th and 5th grade growth on state year-end testing

In a statewide study of more than 70,000 South Carolina 4th and 5th grade students, those who used DreamBox Math demonstrated significantly greater growth on year-end testing compared to students who did not.  

  • Students who used DreamBox for one hour per week demonstrated statistically significant growth on EOY state assessments, regardless of starting point, gender, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. 
  • Students who completed less than the recommended lesson dosage demonstrated more growth than students who did not use DreamBox Math at all. 
  • Students who completed five DreamBox Math lessons per week approached or exceeded the South Carolina Added Value Targets.   

Download the research brief and register for 5/24 webinar to learn more. 

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