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21st Century Skills

What’s needed for success in the knowledge-based economy

Core subjects and skills

While core subjects like math and language arts are still an essential part of learning, combining them with other skills like critical thinking and problem solving are also necessary to reflect the specific demands that will placed upon students in a complex, competitive, knowledge-based, information-age, technology-driven economy and society. Mathematics is a common language that prepares students for college and their future careers, and is no longer simply a solitary subject in and of itself. Math and the sciences are already an important prerequisite for careers that are most in demand– particularly those focused on technology development and implementation.

How DreamBox supports 21st Century skills

While raising standards (as evidenced by the adoption of the Common Core State Standards  in a majority of states) and more fully integrating technology into the classroom is already the norm, what it all comes down to is optimizing the learning of each individual student. DreamBox Learning Math and its Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology creates an experience specifically designed to keep the student within her zone of optimal development. The ability for students to track their own learning means that they are supported in advancing valuable self-monitoring skills, and engage and direct their personal learning progress.