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Why do educators love DreamBox Math?

DreamBox Math is an easy-to-implement, adaptive math solution proven to build deeper mathematical understanding. 

  • Personalize the learning path - The program adjusts in real time based on student behavior, providing the right lessons, sequencing, and scaffolding at exactly the right time. 
  • Build student confidence - Students take pride in their learning as they progress toward self-set goals. 
  • Automate lesson differentiation - Real-time reports and immediate lesson recommendations save educators time, so they can focus on teaching. 
  • Track growth - Easily monitor student progress across any standard. 
  • Make screen time matter - Students using DreamBox Math for one hour a week demonstrated over 5 percentile point gains in just 8 weeks. 
"Our students love it, and our teachers like it even more – it’s self-paced, self-managed and the reports provide us with the data we need to provide the best, most personalized instruction that we possibly can."
Melissa Brady, Assistant Principal, Stubbs Elementary

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