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Social-Emotional Learning is in our DNA

Help teachers delight and surprise students as they learn math with DreamBox, the digital math program with SEL built in.

Learn in English or Spanish

Let students build math skills in the language that works best for them.

Targeted intervention

DreamBox reporting makes it easy to intervene when and where needed.

Engaging instruction

Age-appropriate environments, avatars, and incentives pull kids in and keep them interested.

Track and celebrate milestones

Students stay engaged by tracking progress, earning badges and coins along the way.

Messaging tools

Teachers can send personalized notes to encourage productive struggle, and students can respond or initiate conversation.

Works in any learning environment

In the classroom or at home, DreamBox weaves SEL into everything we do.


Give every student agency and confidence

With built-in student messaging and age-appropriate access to lessons below, at, or above grade level, DreamBox fosters grit, perseverance, and productive struggle.
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Professional Development

Be sure your teachers are ready to turn productive struggle into math confidence with training, videos, and tips from DreamBox.

Give DreamBox a Spin

Ready to see how DreamBox builds SEL skills and confidence?

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