Back to School Bootcamp Webinar Series

Join us as we explore topics essential to back-to-school success.


Leading, Scaling, and Sustaining Innovations in Personalized Learning That Last

August 21st, 2017 | 12:00pm PT

Many leaders are looking to scale personalized learning in their schools and districts to better prepare all students for college, careers, and life-long success. But, there are many factors to consider when implementing new technology-enhanced learning models to benefit students, teachers, parents, and school culture.

In this webinar Dr. Tim Hudson, VP of Learning, will explore how to design, scale, and evaluate district-wide personalized learning models, including:

  • Measuring district readiness and identifying evaluation criteria to minimize risk
  • Developing, executing, and evaluating measurable goals and benchmarks to drive ongoing improvements in student achievement
  • Leveraging technology to scale teacher capacity and support personalized learning in pedagogically sound ways

Proven Intervention Strategies to Support Struggling Students

August 22nd, 2017 | 12:00pm PT

Are you confident that your math intervention program is putting your students on track to successfully close learning gaps and meet state standards? In this webinar, learn how schools and districts are developing and scaling dynamic Response to Intervention (RTI) plans with success. Attendees will explore:

  • Creating goals and criteria to evaluate intervention programs for efficacy, standards-alignment, and student growth
  • How to target key areas of improvement and support for struggling students, including effective ways to monitor and measure ongoing student progress
  • Using data to differentiate instruction and build teacher capacity

Starting the School Year Stem Strong: How to Power Deeper Math Learning

August 23rd, 2017 | 12:00pm PT

A strong foundation in math and science learning can prepare students to succeed in meeting the rigorous, and often technical, demands of the 21st century. As education systems move toward competency-based learning, there is increasing pressure for students to demonstrate deep conceptual understanding at every step, and for teachers to effectively prepare students in STEM.

But what are the best strategies to effectively integrate STEM in schools while empowering student agency and supporting teachers? In this webinar, Kelly Urlacher, Sr. Curriculum Designer, will show you how to kick-start a STEM strong school year, including:

  • Building STEM into your curriculum and school culture
  • Leveraging technology and tools to support student growth and understanding in mathematics
  • How to prepare and support teachers to teach with confidence on challenging STEM topics
  • Strategies for introducing traditionally challenging mathematical concepts to students

Rethinking Math Culture: Proven Ways to Develop School-Wide Math Mindset

August 24th, 2017 | 12:00pm PT

To support students as they pursue their passions in career and life, we must help them develop skillsets that encourage them to persist and grow. This webinar highlights how educational leaders can help teachers and students develop a deep connection to–and love for—mathematics, one that supports a vision of transformation and a growth mindset beyond the classroom. Join David Woods, Curriculum Manager, and Jennifer Longnecker, 4th grade math teacher at Linden Elementary School, as they discuss:

  • Elements of math instruction that empower the development of a math mindset
  • Tools and resources that facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
  • How professional development opportunities can be structured to build excitement of and love for mathematics, in both teachers and students.

Next-Gen Teacher PD: The Path to Proven and Personalized Approaches

August 25th, 2017 | 12:00pm PT

Next-generation learning is driving transformational changes in how teachers are teaching – redefining the traditional educator role, skill, and mindset required to raise student achievement. To meet the needs of all learners, the future of teacher PD is mirroring that of student learning: empowering agency and voice by focusing on evidence-based, relevant, and personalized learning experiences.

In this webinar, presenters Natalie Crist, supervisor of elementary mathematics at Baltimore County Public Schools, Jessica Osipowicz, mathematics resource teacher at Baltimore County Public Schools, and Kelly Urlacher, senior curriculum designer at DreamBox, discuss the path to next-generation professional development, including:

  • The state of today’s current professional development landscape
  • Educator voices: a deep dive into the everyday challenges and opportunities for teacher PD
  • New research to support improvements in professional development
  • Examples of how districts have successfully designed and implemented new strategic approaches to support teacher learning and confidence, and improve student achievement