Why “Unfinished Learning” was a Math Problem Long Before the Pandemic – Watch On-Demand Video Now

The Benefits of Blended Learning for Students and Educators

What does your Blended Learning roadmap look like? Plan, implement, measure, adjust, and celebrate student success as you embark on your Blended Learning journey and ensure it stays on track by following the five key signposts for an effective learning framework. Blended Learning, which focuses on one-to-one personalized instruction powered by digital tools like DreamBox, makes learning math a truly successful and inspiring experience—for students and educators. Watch now to see how DreamBox helps assess student progress at every step of the journey, giving every child the opportunity they deserve.

Download the Guidebook – From Goals to Gains: The Blended Learning Journey

“Educators such as Rocky Mount Prep School who are embracing Blended Learning by implementing a state of the art Learning Lab and programs like DreamBox are giving their students the best possible opportunity to gain the skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century.”

— Michael B. Horn Education Executive Director and Co-Founder, Innosight Institute

DreamBox believes in Blended Learning for educators, too.

Our Professional Development team helps educators target instruction and provide ongoing support that is as adaptive as our technology. We identify learning goals and provide the right custom blend of professional development services to support your school or district.

  • Personalizes Learning

    DreamBox adapts to each student’s strategy and solution, and adjusts pace and placement.

  • Increases engagement

    A game-like environment coupled with immediate feedback and support motivates students to persist.

  • Improves teacher capacity

    New tools equip teachers with useful data to shape learning pathways.

  • Empowers with data

    Intelligent Adaptive Learning uses in-the-moment data to seamlessly integrate instruction with assessment to complement all six models of Blended Learning.

  • Provides 24/7 access

    Students can learn anytime, anywhere to increase skills and fluency.

  • Prepares students for the future

    Technology skills are important for learner success in school and in life for success in an increasingly competitive world.

Read the Guidebook: From Goals to Gains: The Blended Learning Journey