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10 Student-Centered, Blended Learning trends: Check out the white paper!

Blended Learning keeps evolving. And the latest trends are those that support student-centered learning.

What’s student-centered learning? Using a technology-rich environment, lectures are complemented or replaced with active learning strategies and learning guidance, rather than memorization, to engage the student and improve learning, support knowledge retention, and raise achievement. It’s a way to connect with every student —right where they are— to support progress toward grade-level standards, while cultivating the development of the whole child.

Since 2010, more than 4 million K–12 students have participated in some form of blended learning and that number continues to grow, along with the development of best practices. A new white paper, written in partnership with Getting Smart, provides a snapshot of these trends. “Blended Learning Innovations: 10 Major Trends,” takes a look the new ways technology is being used to personalize and improve learning, and how three elementary mathematics classrooms are using innovative approaches to boost achievement in record time.

Here are the exciting trends covered in the white paper:

  1. The deeply student-centered learning experience
  2. Soaring numbers of digital learners
  3. Supporting standards and higher-order thinking skills
  4. Realizing benefits for both teachers and students
  5. Data-driven instruction to personalize learning
  6. Personalized learning accompanied by a lean, blended, iterative approach
  7. Productive gamification
  8. The mobile world is where learners live now
  9. BYOD is here and key to active three-screen days
  10. More broadband, please!

Learn more! And download the full white paper. And be sure to share how you’re using technology to create a more student-centered, tech-rich environment in your own classrooms at

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