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$2.6 Billion is Spent Annually on Professional Development

Yet less than a third of teachers actually find it useful: Why?

For all the time, money, and resources invested in professional development (PD), only 29 percent of educators say they actually get what they need to support student achievement. According to a report from Learning Forward, in addition to the $2.6 billion spent annually at the federal level, some districts spend as much as $12,000 per teacher per year out of their own funds. But, are they seeing a return on their investment?

The DreamBox Redefining Professional Development infographic provides an at-a-glance snapshot of the current state of PD in America. If you’re a district leader or educator frustrated by the lack of relevant professional learning, you’ll see that you’re not alone.

A recent Gates Foundation Study found that the vast majority of teachers are not satisfied with current PD offerings and don’t believe professional learning experiences deliver the content they need to effectively differentiate for their students and successfully implement Common Core Standards and other standards. And, for the most part, principals share teachers’ concerns.

Chief among teacher complaints is the fact that they often have little input on the topics they’re offered. Consequently, the content lacks relevance to their students and their practice.

Furthermore, study after study shows that when teachers have deep content knowledge, students experience a higher achievement rate. Yet, few educators are content specialists. In fact, in many states, K–6 teachers typically complete minimal pre-service coursework in mathematics, and in some states less than 8 percent receive any specialized math training in college.

To improve efficacy, the ideal PD experience should to be interactive, relevant, tailored to treat teachers like professionals, and delivered by a peer—someone who understands their experience. These are the tenets that informed the design and development of MyFlexPD™, a new just-in-time PD solution from DreamBox that’s driven by student data.

If you’re interested in redefining professional development in your school or district, and empowering educators with immediate, relevant, and actionable professional learning experiences, download and share our latest infographic with your colleagues and start the conversation.


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