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3 Reasons to Explore DreamBox Before 2017

There are new resources, proven efficacy, and a live demo recap you won't want to miss.

If you’ve made a resolution to take your math students further, faster in the new year, here’s the place to begin. Make the new year bright with resources and ideas to make math teaching and learning more fun and more effective than you could ever imagine. And it’s real! So why not take advantage?

REASON #1: Harvard Study Shows DreamBox Impact on Math Improvement

A study completed in 2016 conducted by the Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University suggests students using DreamBox Learning Math for just 14 hours can increase achievement on NWEA MAP assessments by nearly 4 percentile points.

Here’s a quote from the CEPR: “Our initial correlations and regressions suggest there is a positive relationship between students’ time using DreamBox and their achievement gains on state tests and MAP assessments.”  




More positive research from SRI, too. An SRI International Study also showed that DreamBox has positive effects on student achievement, with users scoring 2.3 points higher on the NWEA assessments in just 16 weeks. The research was validated by the What Works Clearinghouse Institute of Education Science, too.

Don’t take our word for it. Check the ground-breaking research results out for yourself.

REASON #2: Free Resources for Teachers, Parents and Students

Get a head start on learning in the new year. Take advantage of our teacher tools, Professional Development information, videos, webinars, guides, white papers, events, and a blog chock full of information you can use right now in classrooms and at home to instill a love of math learning.

Teachers tell the story best. From California to New York, DreamBox is making a difference for teachers and kids. Want to learn more about how DreamBox is creating results in classrooms? Teachers—and rising learning scores and achievement – show how it can work for you. Their stories can be found in  these compelling case studies. 

You’re bound to find a math learning resource you can use this coming year, right here.

REASON #3: A Must-Watch Demo to Help You Learn More About DreamBox

DreamBox is the only adaptive math software that delivers evidence-based results for student success and educator empowerment. And it’s fun, too. Whether you’re already familiar with DreamBox Learning or hearing about us for the first time, watch an on-demand demo of our product to discover how DreamBox does math differently.  


Three cheers for every teacher and parent, and everything you do, this year and every year!



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