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3rd grade math games sneak preview

It won’t be long now – DreamBox Learning K-2 Math will soon be K-3 Math. We’re bursting with excitement about our 3rd grade math games and couldn’t keep it hush-hush any longer.

3rd grade math games preview

Announcing the DreamBox Learning K-3 Math preview

So we created a K-3 Math parent preview, complete with sample lessons.  Play the sample math lessons, read about what’s new in our 3rd grade math games, or take the K-3 Math tour. DreamBox Learning K-3 Math offers over 100 lessons, an expanded curriculum, and brand-new virtual manipulatives.

3rd grade math games tour

This snippet is all we can show for now.  Feel free to pass the preview on.  DreamBox Learning isn’t just another game — it’s an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers.  What do you think of the lessons? Anything you hope to see in K-3 Math? Let us know below!

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