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5 Questions About Data Teachers Should Know

Data is on every teacher’s mind, but have you spoken up about how it impacts your classroom? DreamBox Learning is committed to empowering educators with the knowledge and understanding of digital tools and technology to impact the future of education through personalized instruction that engages every student and provides a framework for adjustable instruction that meets the needs of students wherever they are in their learning journey. It’s a topic that is top of mind for teacher and blogger Lori Carson, who hit the nail on the head when she recently wrote, “Analyzing data to drive instruction sets up a classroom where students can be successful.  It gears the instruction toward student needs, not the other way around.” We’re excited to share that we will be initiating a more in-depth discussion to address five key questions about how teachers use data during a live Twitter conversation, moderated by Carson, next week. Take a peek below at what we’ll be talking about and join us on Wednesday, July 15 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. (PST) to share how data plays a role in how you #EnvisionEDU.

1. In what ways do you find using data helpful in informing your instruction? What type of data do you find most helpful?    

2. Do you find accessing the data is simple? What additional resources do you wish you had?

3. When has data helped you be more efficient and effective?

4. When have you changed your lesson plan based on formative assessment data?

5. How much instructional time do you lose in the beginning of each school year assessing student understanding?  What can be done to change this?


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