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7 Math Storybooks Every Child Should Read, No. 6: Math Curse

Kids usually have more free time over the summer, and it can be hard to keep up with them. Have you started running out of new books for them to read with you, and don’t have the time to search out new books? Well, that’s fine because we have another great math story for you that will have your children asking to read it again and again!

Math Curse, by Jon Scieszka

Math Curse, by Jon Scieszka

Read Math Curse for memorable puzzles
Math Curse by Jon Scieszka is a quirky book that keeps you on your toes. From disorienting drawings to crazy questions, this story bounces all over the place and never gets boring. The thread that ties it all together is the story of a boy caught in a math curse, where he sees math problems in everything he does during the day.

Math Curse is a great story for getting your child thinking instead of memorizing or doing rote practice. The problems in the book emphasize using math in everyday situations. The questions may seem wacky at the beginning, but that keeps children interested and makes the math more memorable. The questions also illustrate many different math concepts, such as the Fibonacci series, in a way your child will understand. The math may be a bit advanced for younger children, but is appropriate for first or second graders. And don’t worry if you start getting stumped on some of the oddest questions; there are answers at the back of the book!

Activities to try after reading Math Curse
Kids can pretend they are also under the math curse. Have them write down some of the math problems they encounter during the day. Then they can can trade problems, help each other solve them, and compare their days! If they want to get creative, they can create their own books filled with the story of their day, complete with illustrations. Don’t forget to set aside your children’s books – they will be entertaining to come back to in later years to show your kids what they made and how much they’ve learned!

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