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April is Mathematics Awareness Month

Celebrate with Math-Tastic Activities!

April is here! And do you know what else April is? Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month! Since 1999, April has been used to celebrate math and to increase public understanding and appreciation of math. Fun Fact: Mathematics Awareness Week was first established in 1986, but became a month long celebration in 1999. Statistics was added in 2017. During this month, schools and other organizations that love with host activities, competitions, festivals, and even math poetry readings to show the diversity of math and share it with the world. We like to show how much we love math by incorporating it in our daily activities, like the ones in this month’s activity calendar!

This month has a lot of fun activities that keep math interesting and on the top of our mind. Did you know National Scrabble day is April 13th? The game that flexes both the language and math skills, is a perfect way for the family to get together and practice your skills. Maybe you can shock everyone and use the word OXYPHENBUTAZONE, which is the highest-scoring word in a Scrabble tournament, scoring up to 1778 points! This month also has National Haiku Poetry day! A Haiku, is a type of poem is not based on rhyming, but is actually a 3 line poem where the 1st and 3rd lines have 5 syllables, and the middle line has 7 syllables. On the 17th of April, create some fun Haikus with students that describe how great math is!

Download our April Math Activity Calendar to celebrate all the exciting things in April with us and use these activities to remind kids to constantly be learning and developing their schools even out of school. If you’re a teacher, download our Math Activity Calendar now and send it home with your students to help cultivate a math mindset outside of school. If you’re a parent, print the calendar and hang it in your kitchen as a reminder to incorporate fun family math activities into your daily routine. Enjoy!

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