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Recap of December’s Ask an Expert Session

Expert Kelly Urlacher Addresses Math Strategy and More

On December 7th, DreamBox Nation held the first live video Ask an Expert session! For the past couple of weeks, we collected questions from DreamBox Nation, our online DreamBox community, where DreamBox users asked questions about how to inspire students to love math, how to communicate with parents, how to approach certain topics, and more. Kelly Urlacher, Senior Curriculum Designer, then discussed and demonstrated the answers in a live session. The goal was for users to get the opportunity to understand DreamBox Learning at a deeper level, and to understand what decisions go into developing DreamBox Learning curriculum.

We got a ton of great questions, but here are a few questions we were particularly excited about:

-What are some key ideas that you used to “infect” your students with the love of math? Most students gravitate towards what their teacher shows passion about, but there are those, especially when numbers are harder for them, that still hold up a wall towards it.

-How much can we help or support a student without creating the impression in Dreambox that the student knows more than they actually do? How do we communicate this to parents so that they don’t provide too much guidance at home?

To watch a recording of the session, and to see what other DreamBox community members asked, be sure to check out this thread in DreamBox Nation.

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 NOTE: DreamBox Nation membership is only available to DreamBox Learning customers, and people who already have an existing DreamBox account. To learn more about DreamBox Learning Math, request a free demo.

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