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A Four Day School Week?

Because of rising fuel costs, some rural schools with long bus routes are considering shortening the school week to stay on budget.

I remember a similar discussion when I was a kid during the 70’s oil embargo. I dreaded the thought of my Mom (the omnipresent teacher) loading me to the gills with rote exercises and makeshift homework while all my friends would be outside playing (can’t you just envision them waving their tongues and moose-horn hands at me).

Homeschooling with Dreambox

Today, if my sons’ schools instituted a four day school week, I’m reminded how lucky they’d be to use DreamBox at home. So lucky in fact, I actually think I’ll recount it for them — along with stories about my ill-fitting hand-me-down paisley polyester shirts, shoveling snow with a 40 lb rusty spade, and grandpa’s insistence that milk expiration dates were a conspiracy to get you to buy more milk.

It’s no wonder I dislike cottage cheese.

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