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A Mom and a Marketing Executive: The Perspectives that Led Me to DreamBox

"No employment can be managed without arithmetic, no mechanical invention without geometry." -Ben Franklin

That’s good advice. While Ben Franklin may be best known as one of our founding fathers, he was a true renaissance man—someone who enjoyed great success in a variety of fields: author, printer, inventor, politician, scientist, and even as a soldier during the French and Indian War.

Who knew math would give Ben such a distinct advantage across so many diverse pursuits? Well, he did, obviously. And math is something I’ve grown to appreciate, despite the late nights I spent way back in high school studying for a final.

These days, I’m a marketing executive and in this role one of my most important responsibilities is to analyze how well our marketing is working and constantly look for ways to improve it. Understanding financial numbers and knowing how to interpret the data are critical, so math is a big part of that analysis. After all, gut instinct will only get you so far.

I’m also a mom. I want my child to embrace today’s tech-fueled, data-driven environment, not be intimidated by it. And in that, I’m like every other parent: we want our kids to achieve their goals, seize opportunities, enjoy prosperity, and truly be happy in what they do.

According to Ben Franklin, math is a big part of that, too.

That’s why coming to DreamBox at the beginning of this year has been such a fantastic experience. Not only do I get to use my marketing chops to promote a great digital math solution that really works, I also get to be part of something bigger and more personal at the same time: ensuring kids everywhere—including mine—learn the core math skills they need as they grow toward adulthood.

How cool is that?

I first encountered DreamBox when my son started using it at school and immediately loved the gaming aspect of it. As far as my son was concerned, he was having fun. But I could see the underlying learning going on and since we try not to overdo screen time in our house, DreamBox was a double win.

Then, when I started learning more about the company behind DreamBox, I couldn’t help but admire what CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson and the entire DreamBox team were working toward: eliminating the math skills gap, and leveraging adaptable technology to give children the opportunity to build math proficiency, no matter who they are or where they start. With a mission like that, how could I not join the company?

Meaningful work has always been important to me. I’ve always wanted what I do to make a difference—not just for my employer, but for the community and the future. I learned this from my parents, especially my dad, who was an educator and coach and truly believed he was building a better future, one kid at a time.

I originally chose healthcare to work on something that matters, specifically personalizing care to each patient. DreamBox isn’t another healthcare role, but it offers a similar level of personalization, only this time in education. That means I bring more than a marketer’s perspective. After all, I represent a key group of stakeholders: parents. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in a DreamBox leadership team meeting and when asked about my point of view, I started my answer with, “Well, as a mom…” That by itself was rewarding, but then when my “mom” perspective was taken so seriously by everyone in the room -well, that’s personal and special.

I don’t want my son to have any limits on his ambitions. No parent does. That’s why serving as a parent advocate inside DreamBox is so important in helping the company deliver on its promise to help every child learn math, no matter how they learn or what skill level they have attained.

Here’s another way to interpret that Ben Franklin quote: math is the great equalizer. When kids know how to do math, an entire world of possibilities opens to them. My job is to ensure that world is open to as many kids as possible.

And isn’t that a great reason to go to work every day?

How about you? What is the importance of math in today’s society, and what will be its greatest impact on your child?