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A Very Big Step: Preschool

My little girl started preschool this week. I’m not sure who is happier – my husband, my daughter or myself. Probably my husband because I’ve started being nicer to him again. I had no idea how stressful this would be. As the first day grew closer, I started worrying. What if she’s too scared to use the potty? What if the teacher isn’t very nice? What if some kid is mean to her? Nap time? Eating? My husband reassured me, but it wasn’t enough. Doesn’t he know there isn’t anything he could say? For goodness sake, I’m a teacher. I know the research on the importance of preschool. (There are studies that show that children who go to preschool perform better in math than those who didn’t — according to a UK study.)

Preschool Important for Early Math Learning

I also know she needs to be around peers her own age. Often she’ll find learning from them easier than learning from us. I want her to have frequent opportunities to solve puzzles, play in a bucket of beans, learn new songs and count spaces along a game board. There is also compelling research out of Northwestern University about the importance of early math learning — they found that entering kindergarten with elementary math and reading skills is the most important factor in predicting later academic success; and in fact math readiness was found to be even more important than reading skills!

So I want all these things for her. And they’re right there. 9 am every morning. It’s my turn to let go. Maybe I should focus on my husband for a little while.


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