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Adaptive Math Learning Spreads in Texas

Austin Independent School District chooses DreamBox for K-8 classrooms

Every elementary and middle school in Austin is now teamed with DreamBox to partner on personalized math learning for the next five years. That’s more than 100 schools and many fine teachers dedicated to math education for thousands of students. Austin ISD looked at more than a dozen options to advance how they teach math. Adaptive learning for students and professional development opportunities for teachers made DreamBox stand out as the right choice.

Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO of DreamBox, said, “School districts like Austin ISD are pioneers in the movement to leverage technology to personalize learning and meet each student where they’re at.”

How did Austin ISD arrive at this decision? They tried out DreamBox for six months, with spectacular pilot results. Students who finished an average of 153 lessons over 19 weeks demonstrated 82% growth in achievement. These findings excite Lisa Goodnow, Austin ISD Associate Superintendent of Academics and Social & Emotional Learning. She said, “Early results in our pilot show great promise for our students’ growth in mathematical and reasoning skills.”

The icing on the cake for Austin ISD is the extra DreamBox feature of lessons in both English and Spanish. Students can switch with ease between those two languages in just one click. Learning math becomes even more welcoming and fun for those whose first language is Spanish and are working on fluency in English. Lisa Goodnow said, “Our students tell us they ‘love’ working on DreamBox. It is an engaging and relevant resource…”

The more people learn to love math at young ages, the more comfortable and empowered they will feel to explore technology with confidence. And so, the shared mission of Austin ISD and DreamBox begins.

 To find out more about our Austin ISD partnership and the broader DreamBox expansion in Texas, read our recent press post!

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