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All About World Maths Day

World+Math+Day+DreamBox+Online+Math+Learning+GamesWorld Math Day starts this Wednesday, March 4! The event is free and open to students ages 5 to 18. Have you registered yet? Registration closes four hours before the event starts, so register soon if you’re going to participate. Here are some fun facts about World Maths Day.

Fun Facts About World Maths Day:

  • World Maths Day is known as World Math Day in English.
  • World Maths Day is one of the largest global education and math learning events.
  • World Maths Day will celebrate its third year in 2009! The first World Maths Day competition took place on Tuesday, March 13, 2007. This year, World Maths Day starts on Wednesday, March 4. The official competition runs for 48 hours.
  • Because World Maths Day runs as long as it is 3/4/09 somewhere on Earth, technically World Maths Day starts on Square Root Day which is 3/3/09 in some regions.
  • In 2008, students from over 150 countries combined to correctly answer 182,455,169 mathematics questions. This shattered the 2007 record of 38,904,275 correct answers. DreamBox Hint: For a fun and easy 2nd grade math game, ask your child to figure out how many questions beat the 2007 record.
  • World Maths Day, student Hall of Famers, 2008: the top three leading students of 2008 were Tatiana D. from Australia, Rock T. of the United Kingdom, and Kaya G. of Australia. See the World Math Day 2008 – Students Hall of Fame for the full list of winners.
  • World Maths Day, top classes 2008: In 2008, two classes from Taylor’s University College, Malaysia took home first and second place. Class 4A from the Australian International School, U.A.E.placed third and Mr. Bourne’s 5th Grade Class from Creek View Elementary, U.S.A. placed fourth. See the World Math Day 2008 – Classes Hall of Fame for the full list of winners.

Approximately 20,000 schools participated in 2008. This year, experts predict the event will be even bigger. There’s still time to register and practice. We’ll continue our World Maths Day coverage all week. Read our previous World Maths Day post for more information. And remember to practice math with DreamBox Learning: a great source for fun kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade math games.

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