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April School and Classroom Recognition Awards

In honor of the fantastic progress students and teachers have made in DreamBox for the month of April we’re highlighting the School and Classroom of Excellence! All recognized participants received a certificate of excellence to hang in their classroom and a gift of DreamBox Learning MATH ROCKS! Bracelets to share with their students.

School of Excellence: IDEA Pharr Academy, TexasWe were able to chat with IDEA Academy’s Lab Manager, Jose Garza. This is what he had to say about his students using DreamBox. “At IDEA Pharr we use DreamBox in the computer lab as an elective class. Students here enjoy using the program because its fun and looks like a game. The students always get a kick out of the interactive games with all the different avatars, animals and video clips. As the facilitator of the lab, I often hear the students say that they enjoy playing the competitive “Frog Race” and “Fruit Farmer”.

I have seen how quickly the students adapt to the program. With my kinder students I just explained how to use it once or twice and they picked up on it right away.” Jose also spoke about how DreamBox has helped students who have historically struggled. “After using the DreamBox “Missing Values” manipulatives, my first and second graders were able to understand and move on.” He went on to say, “Overall DreamBox is a great program because it keeps students moving forward in math and they get to have fun doing it.”

Classroom of Excellence: Ms. Astrid Kemper’s Classroom at Lewis Elementary School, TexasWe’re thrilled to honor Ms. Kemper and her hard working second grade students. This is what she had to say about her kids using DreamBox. “I am extremely proud of them! I have 23 students, all bilingual. We work on Dreambox Monday-Friday and have a segment during the day dedicated only to Dreambox. Each student gets a laptop, logs on, and continues their lessons. The students absolutely love Dreambox. I love the fact that they are learning using games that catch their attention. It’s not boring, it’s very educational and it’s fun. It helps students improve their problem solving skills.”

When Ms. Kemper asked her class what they liked the most about DreamBox, they responded enthusiastically, “the math games, the farm, grouping the farm animals, the maze, the dinosaurs math games, the pirates, frog races, and specially how they can make friends, receive awards, medals, trophies and tokens. With enthusiasm she told DreamBox, “I have seen tons of progress in their math facts, in their reasoning and problem solving skills. Dreambox has made a difference in my students performance. Eliel F. one of the top 5 students has made a tremendous progress since we started the program, he came to 2nd grade not knowing math facts. His grades, and problem solving skills have improved.”

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