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Attention DreamBox Nation: Join Us for a Live Q&A Event!

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers: Introducing the DreamBox “Ask an Expert” series

This week, we’re excited to kick off what we hope will be a monthly series for members of our DreamBox Nation community. Our first live, one-hour “Ask an Expert” session will launch on Thursday, December 7th at 11 a.m. (PT), and attendance is free and open to all DreamBox Nation members.

If you’re not already part of this growing and vibrant online community, consider joining today. Just click on the Resources tab in your Insight Dashboard and navigate to the DreamBox Nation link. It’s easy and free to join, and once a member you’ll enjoy exclusive perks including, early access to new features, content, professional learning opportunities, and much more.

Meet DreamBox expert Kelly Urlacher

DreamBox senior curriculum designer Kelly Urlacher will host Thursday’s live session. She is a frequent presenter with expert credentials and more than five years of experience developing DreamBox curriculum. Kelly knows the platform inside and out, and as a former sixth grade teacher she knows her way around a classroom too. Kelly has her National Boards and Masters in Technology and Curriculum Development, is passionate about math, and eager to answer all of your questions.

To participate in the Ask the Expert live event, simply log in to your DreamBox Insight Dashboard. You can start submitting your curriculum questions now, if you like. Even if you don’t have something specific to ask, be sure to join us Thursday to see what’s on your fellow educators’ minds. We hope to cover a lot of ground in this one-hour session, so you don’t want to miss out. Mark your calendar now!

NOTE: DreamBox Nation membership is only available to DreamBox Learning customers, and people who already have an existing DreamBox account. To learn more about DreamBox Learning Math, request a free demo.

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