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Teacher Appreciation Month

Attention Teachers: Tell Us Who Inspired You

We'll be showcasing your stories throughout the entire month of May

National Teacher Appreciation Week is officially May 7 – 12, but at DreamBox we’re celebrating the most important work in the world all month long. This year we wondered what it means to be a teacher’s teacher — someone who inspires and influences a child to be just like them. And, who better to ask than the inspirational educators of DreamBox Nation and readers of our blog?

If you’re a member of DreamBox Nation, you may have seen our latest challenge in your Insight Dashboard. If you’re not a member, don’t worry you can participate too. Just email me your story.

We posed a couple of quick questions to get you thinking about the influential people from your past that made a difference in your life and helped to shape the person you’ve become today:

  • Who was the teacher that made an impact on you?
  • How did that teacher influence you as a student?
  • Do you have a favorite memory or experience with that teacher?
  • What inspired YOU to become a teacher?

We hope this challenge triggers fond memories for you and serves as a reminder of what you love most about your profession.

So, how about it? Who rocked your world?

Now that you’re the one in front of the classroom, you have a unique perspective on the role of educator. Over the years, the times and tools may have changed, but the instinct to nurture remains the one constant that defines the very best educators — yourself included. Today, you know something of the challenges your mentors may have faced and also of the rewards that made it all worthwhile for them. If they could only see you now. Who knows—if your appreciation gets posted — maybe they will.

Inspiration is contagious and rewarding in so many ways. That’s why we’d like to share your story right here on our blog. Each week in May, we’ll feature a new “Teacher’s Teacher” story as a way of showing our appreciation to the leaders past and present who continue to inspire us all. If you’re a DreamBox Nation member, you’ll earn 125 points just for participating. And, If we choose to share your story, we’ll thank you with an additional 500 points that you can use toward an industry event, classroom supplies, or fun swag. If you’re not a member of DreamBox Nation, reward points are just one of many great reasons to get involved. Here are some more.

Either way, if you want to participate in this challenge, either log in to your Insight Dashboard or email me your story before the May 12th deadline. A member of the DreamBox team will contact you if we choose to publish your appreciation. In the meantime, thanks for being a member of the DreamBox community and for inspiring the teachers of tomorrow. Happy Teacher Appreciation Month! You rock!

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