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Students may be used to and captivated by an understanding that math is all around us in the natural scientific world. They observe it in the spiral of a seashell, curves of seed rows in a sunflower, and in the

Happy January and Happy New Year DreamBoxers! It’s officially 2020 and that means it’s time to focus on the year ahead, set goals and strive to be an even better you. This month is packed full of so many exciting

It’s New Year’s Eve, the end of a long and winding road of a year…and the threshold of a new decade. And, yes, it’s an evening for both reflection and celebration, why not. What are you in the mood for

As you move into winter break, how will you refresh, renew, and replenish your precious mind/body being? And let’s also ask a related but slightly different question. What’s inspiring you these days? What are you reading, listening to, and seeing

Teachers, you did a great job this fall in the service of your students. And if you happen to feel accumulated stress and exhaustion as you near the end of the year, you’re not alone. Research reveals that close to