Why formative assessment is the key to math growth all year long – Watch On-Demand Video Now

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Teachers in every subject use formative assessment tools to check for understanding, monitor learning progress, provide appropriate feedback to students, and inform instructional decisions, as well as for lesson planning. In math, for example, formative assessment tools such as pop

Closing the STEM education gap means equal job opportunities for all students. Source: Ed.gov What is STEM Education and why does it matter? Over the past decade, jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) have grown at a rate

One of the goals of 21st century educators is to inspire students to be lifelong learners, and they should also be passionate lifelong learners themselves. And it makes sense: things are changing at an ever-increasing rate both in terms of

Spencer changed the education conversation in the 1800s. Asking questions and changing the conversation is a pathway to improvement in any endeavor. In the 19th century, a time of accelerated scientific discovery and invention, opportunities for different questions about teaching

A superintendent’s perspective on how to make it work. I believe in creating data-driven cultures to effect change at the district and school level in math because I’ve seen it work. Here are two examples from my own experience that