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By Nigel Green, Vice President of Personalization and Kelly Urlacher, Senior Curriculum Designer at DreamBox Learning As a former professional musician and educator, and a former elementary school teacher, we found the recent New York Times piece, “Make Your Daughter

In 1990 the U.S. Congress enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). One possibly unforeseen side effect of the act is that those of us who do not have disabilities have also benefitted from safer and easier access to where

Personalized learning and individualized instruction are now recognized as crucial elements of student-centric teaching that fosters real progress and achievement. This is a significant departure from the way classrooms have been structured in the past as a ‘one size fits

If you’re involved in the education community, chances are you’ve heard the term “personalized learning” floating around over the last few years. It certainly sounds appealing – after all, it includes the term “personal,” which can’t be a bad thing.

When you work for a software company that has yet to ship a product, it is extremely unusual to have a potential customer take the time to visit your offices and thank you for changing the life of her child.