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In order for a student to reach their potential in becoming a true mathematician, we need to ensure they have a learning guardian not only in the classroom, but outside of school as well. A learning guardian is someone who

According to Nicolaus Copernicus, “Mathematics is written for mathematicians.” If this claim is true, we need to look no further than the format of our lessons in the classroom to see if they encourage thinking mathematically or focus on memorization

Blended learning is becoming increasingly popular in classrooms across the United States as school districts look for ways to make the best use of class time and strategically use technology to ensure the success of every student. In elementary schools,

There’s no denying that education is constantly changing, but what’s truly astonishing is the difference that can be seen just in the past generation. Parents today hardly recognize the classrooms in which their children are learning – whatever happened to

Seasoned teachers know that education is constantly evolving – whether it be from the introduction of new technology, the implication of world events or the result of new standards being adopted by state and local governments. Sometimes these academic standards