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Back-to-School Resources Round Up

It’s that time of year again. The return of brown paper bags, fresh green apples, and gold-flecked leaves. Back-to-school! You know it as those hectic days when you scour stores looking for blinding white sneakers, Ed Hardy folders, and no. 2 pencils. Your kids know it as a time to reunite with old friends, get a new teacher, and reinvent themselves.

Don’t stress! DreamBox Learning’s best back-to-school article round-up makes back-to-school a sweet summer breeze instead of a tornado.

Best back-to-school breakfast recipes


Every parent envisions cooking oatmeal for their kids on a crisp fall morning before school. But who has the time? What really happens is the kids rush out the door, barely remembering their gym clothes and backpack. As you know, a healthy breakfast is a must. These quick and easy back-to-school breakfasts from the Family Corner will appease their appetites and give you an extra minutes in the morning.

Back-to-school safety list

Back-to-school season is the perfect time to reassess your child’s safety. This back-to-school safety printable tells parents how to keep their kids safe and covers everything from soccer goals to bike helmets. has another good safety checklist for traveling to-and-from school. When it comes to safety, stay ahead of the class!

When the lunch bell rings

back to school lunch-bag

Let’s be honest – most parents hate packing lunches! It’s difficult to find a nutritious, fast and fun meal that won’t be just traded at the table for a Little Debbie brownie. But don’t pay more for pre-made. Forget the brown bag and try Bento! These healthy and easy Bento lunch recipes will satisfy their palates without depleting your pocket book.

School supply shopping

Parents are feeling the pinch this back-to-school season. You probably already received this year’s supply list.  Don’t start shopping until you know where to find the best steals and deals. Barrow strategies from this  bargain-hunting mom in St. Louis.  And when it comes to new back-to-school duds, look no further than the 10 Great Kids Fashions for Under $10.

Back-to-school survival


Kids and parents aren’t the only ones going back-to-school — let’s not forget our teachers! We adore this back-to-school survival kit piece.  It tells both teachers and students what “rations” they’ll need to survive.  Teachers should pack crayons to “color your day” and animal crackers “for when your classroom is a zoo.”  Students should fill their survival kits with tissues to help “dry someone’s tears.” We could almost hear the collective “awww,” from parents everywhere.

How do you survive back-to-school? Comment below and share your favorite resources with other parents. We’re all in this together!

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