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Beta User Comments

During the past month we’ve been running a beta program on our new content.  We were fortunate that during this beta period many parents and kids gave us their honest  feedback on our new activities.  Some of these were too cute not to share.  Here are some of my favorite comments from kids (presented verbatim):

“I had a lot of fun! I think the pirates are too freaky though. The animals are my favorites.”

“There should be 3 things in the back pack. (Kids want more tokens)”

“arcade – skee-ball is the best game in the arcade ever!”

“in the circus area… the maze please do not give the mole!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I love the carnival I think you should keep it the way it is ”

“I like how you included a lot of funny stuff. ex. on the pirate level i found the nails for the ship! So the pirate sat in a chair and sat on the nails, he jumped up and screamed, it made me laugh! This cined of stuff makes the games fun!”

“The maze forest is really fun! Every time I play it, I don’t want to stop!”

“adding numbers in a colum or the human coucyoulater – I think this is a good levle for me beacause it helps me make happy numbers.But you could make it a little harder.”

“this game is so much fun!”

“I love This Game!!!!!I love find the totally !!!!!!!!!!!!…..It is FUN. (:”

“I like the factoirs.”

“I like the skip button because it allows me to skip introductions that I don’t want to hear. The introductions are repetitious and slow.”

“i hate subtraction!!!!!:(”

“This X thaing is hard.”

“i wot thes to bey ezey”

“I really think this game is fun. I really love this game I am playing. It is hard but you don’t care because it is too fun. So far I can’t think of ways to make it better. I am going to keep playing now!”

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