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Big News: Little Startup Covered in Big City Paper

It takes a special bunch of people and a very special product to get a tiny startup in the Wall Street Journal! DreamBox Wall Street Journal Review

Between that, and our news announced this week that Pearson Canada will distribute DreamBox Learning K-2 Math in the Canadian market – it’s been a big week for us. It’s weeks like this that make working in startups so compelling. Much has been written about startup life, but I think it’s all about character. In case you haven’t heard, it takes a unique personality to thrive in a startup environment – part optimist, part dreamer, part workaholic (although I have to say that DreamBox is unique – I guess making a learning product for kids is good for work/life balance). You have to see potential where others see hurdles, and be totally committed to deliver. You must thrive on ambiguity, be flexible enough to change direction quickly if need be, a fast learner, driven. It sure helps if you have a sense that you’re on a mission, that you are part of a team that’s focused on a higher purpose. At the same time, you’re in the real world, not in a little bubble – not every startup is a success and you have to be able to maintain your balance in the face of setbacks, even failure. The ability to learn from your (and others’) mistakes is key. Wow, I’m amazed anyone wants to work in a startup! It’s a roller coaster ride, but it’s never boring! And it’s re-energizing to have a week like this.

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