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Blended learning: Popular among teachers

Teachers work hard to boost student achievement in the classroom. However, with the the great diversity of learning styles present in classrooms, it can often be hard to personalize the learning experience. But teachers are discovering that with the use of technology, education is beginning to change for the better, creating a successful environment both for teacher and student. Here are just a few of the things that teachers love about blended learning:

It provides multiple learning strategies
Some students are visual learners, some learn through listening and some pick up concepts fast, while it takes more time for others. This can be hard to accommodate in the classroom, but with blended learning, teachers can reach each child in a different way. Online elementary math programs can engage students and put them in charge of when they move on to the next concept, and can even give them the opportunity to go over the same lesson if they don't understand. Students move at their own pace rather than the pace of the instructor and other students in the class. This is a great tool to help students learn especially difficult topics. This also gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in different ways rather than common classroom activities like filling out worksheets or taking a quiz.

Progress can be easily monitored
By having students learn in an online environment, teachers receive progress reports from each student. They can see who is struggling on what and mold their lesson based on what the most students are having trouble with. It's also easy for teachers to give students instant feedback based on their work. Students can then be grouped together based on specific instructional needs, to help teachers promote academic excellence.

Learning becomes more social
Getting Smart explained that blended learning is a team sport and allows teachers to work together to support math students moving at their own pace. Blended learning is also a great way to reach a large number of students.

Promotes self-directed learning
The School Superintendents Association noted that blended learning promotes the ability for students to become lifelong learners. Online programs teach students independent learning and foster skills critical for outside the classroom as well. Blended learning can help keep the learning process going even when schools are closed because students have the opportunity to participate in these online programs on their own time. Teachers can even send students home with activities to complete on their own time.

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