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Planning a Summer Math Program

Sidestep summer learning loss, and even enjoy math while school is out

The summer slide of not retaining math knowledge gained in the school year is an all too familiar experience for many diligent K-8 kids. There’s proven good news, though. An hour and 20 minutes a week with DreamBox can keep students engaged and learning through those months when school’s not in session––and even add math to their summer fun. Teachers can follow data on how each child is doing and adjust assignments as needed, to stay on track with summer program goals.

Summer Advantage USA decided to give DreamBox a try across Indiana, Colorado, Alabama, and Illinois. They had students use it just 20 minutes a day, four days a week, to see if there was any hope that this might help curb summer learning loss. And did they ever get positive results? After four weeks, students throughout the program demonstrated over four months of improvement in math skills.

Michelle Ciconne, Head of Strategic Initiatives, said, “The amazing thing about using DreamBox in our Summer Advantage USA program was that it allowed us to––in some cases––more than double the skills and content each child was able to practice and master. “

Math learning sprinkled through summertime helps students hold onto what they know and even add to their understanding. It also offers an opportunity to close any gaps in their concept learning and problem-solving skills. Put all that together, and they have the confidence to walk into the upcoming school year without missing a beat. And teachers can join in over the summer. They can spend some quiet time on their own professional development with personalized DreamBox tools.

Interested in adding DreamBox to your summer learning success program? You can learn more here!

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