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Declare Your Independence from the Professional Development Status Quo

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of relevant learning

This 4th of July, as we reflect on the Declaration of Independence, three professional development (PD) truths come to mind that are sadly “self-evident.” Not all teacher PD opportunities are created equal:

  • Teachers don’t always have access to student growth and proficiency data that are recent and relevant.
  • Teachers don’t always have access to professional learning and development that are related to their own students’ needs.
  • Taking time out of the day for PD is not always possible for teachers or cost effective for their districts.

Constrained by this lack of resources, relevant content, and time, teachers struggle to get the professional learning that’s essential to improve outcomes for their students. The fact is few teachers (only 29 percent) are highly satisfied with their current PD offerings—and the time is ripe for a revolution.

We believe teachers should be endowed by their district with “certain inalienable rights”—and that includes access to professional learning that’s interactive, relevant, and delivered by someone who understands their experience and recognizes them as a professional. To that end, DreamBox is in the process of rolling out MyFlexPD™, a new product offering that promises to revolutionize professional learning in a truly fireworks-worthy way.

Introducing PD that’s immediate, relevant, and actionable

MyFlexPD empowers educators to deepen their understanding of math content in ways that are directly related to their students’ specific learning challenges. It engages teachers in a dynamic, self-paced experience that enables them to use real-time student performance data as a starting point for relevant professional learning. It also represents a scalable way to deepen teachers’ content knowledge in mathematics while simultaneously informing their classroom curriculum and lessons.

Studies indicate that educators benefit most when they can apply what they learn immediately. With MyFlexPD, teachers can participate in PD during their planning periods, professional learning communities (PLCs), or at the moment they have a question. Accessible anywhere, anytime from the Insight Dashboard, there is no need to pull teachers out of the classroom.

MyFlexPD provides a safe environment for independent learning

Soon, teachers everywhere will have the freedom to access relevant PD courses on their own terms, at a time and place that’s most convenient for them—after school, at home, during a PLC meeting, or during class time. The revolution is coming soon to a dashboard near you. Get ready to declare your independence from the PD status quo!

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