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Blue Ribbon School gives DreamBox Math for iPad® app high marks.

One of the nation’s highest ranking elementary schools is using the recently released DreamBox Math for iPad app in their innovative iPLC to drive student achievement. Section Elementary School, in Mukwonago, Wisconsin is a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School, ranked among the state’s highest performing schools. This year, 304 schools achieved this status out of more than 132,000 public and private schools in the nation.

Supports core math curriculum

Section Elementary has recently instituted an innovative new program, IPLC (Innovative Personalized Learning Communities) where students become passionate and empowered learners equipped for the 21st Century world. Inspired by a team of teachers, the IPLC revolves around 21st Century tools for learning and assessing, driven by the Common Core State Standards in an open community setting. Each flexible learning community includes students of different ages learning at their own personal pace, working independently, one-to-one, in small peer or teacher led groups, and in whole-group settings to advance their learning based on each student’s personal capabilities and accomplishments.

The communities rely heavily on 21st century technology as learning tools to track learning progress and to communicate with other learners. With 75 tablets and 75 Chromebooks shared across a 123 and 456 IPLC, teachers using technology to drive flexible groupings and provide data for real time assessment.

DreamBox Math on the iPad is being used by 72 lower elementary students in two adjacent classrooms (known as the Community Room) and a break out area. Led by three teachers, this innovative blended learning community of First through Third Grade students is using technology during their daily math instructional time. When we were looking for software to use in our IPLC classrooms, comments Principal Robert J. Slane, “in addition to being intelligent and adaptive, it was very important to us that the personalized math program we selected be user friendly, simple to access and easy to navigate.” To support the core math curriculum at Section Elementary School, the selected software also had to have a rigorous curriculum that was engaging and fun for the students to use. That was a large order to fill, but Slane gives high marks when he says, “DreamBox on the iPad provided it all!”

Filling both achievement gaps and enrichment needs

The Section Elementary School IPLC is helping to fill achievement gaps for students who need additional help, and math enrichment for those who need a challenge. “My students love playing DreamBox on the iPad,” says IPLC 123 Teacher Jodie Kujawa. “It’s so engaging that they ask to use it all the time—even outside of math time. However, they are often so busy playing that they are not aware that they are actually engaging with a highly rigorous math curriculum.”

Measuring progress simplified

DreamBox on iPads, and iPad Minis®, is being used with the younger students in the iPLC program as a great way to engage students. It also provides teachers with an easy-to-use tool to measure progress with up-to-the-minute reporting. IPLC 123 Teacher Jennifer Sitzberger raves, “I love the teacher reports in DreamBox. The Common Core Standards and Strands report matches our continuums.” With just 20 minutes dedicated per day per child on DreamBox, students have the opportunity to learn, and teachers have actionable, current information to provide guidance exactly when it’s needed. “The reports,” says Sitzberger, “allows me to see exactly where each of my students is proficient and how they are progressing.”

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