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Using Title IV Funds to Support STEM Initiatives How to invest in student programs, materials, and teacher professional development By now, you probably know that Congress recently approved a whopping $1.1 billion for the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant

If you subscribe to international news sources like The New York Times and The Economist, or various business blogs and podcasts, you may have noticed a recent uptick in the coverage of edtech. We sure have. Those of us in

Five years ago, the good folks at Miriam Webster added the phrase “aha moment” to the 2012 edition of their dictionary. They credited Oprah Winfrey with coining and popularizing the expression, which they define as “a moment of sudden realization,

Get your students in the math mindset and inspire the next generation of innovators and leaders this month.  Share and try out the below resources and activities to help educate students about African American mathematicians and scientists who have and continue to

Thoughts on Closing Opportunity Gaps in STEM The Austin weather certainly didn’t cooperate, but Day 3 at SXSWedu was nonetheless an another one for the books. Panels on closing opportunity gaps and the  discussion of equity in STEM really stuck with us. Keynote speaker