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Showing:  Personalized Learning

Ellen Dorr, director of digital learning for the Renton School District in Washington, recently presented a well-attended webinar on empowering teacher leaders. In this 60-minute session, she explores how using technology intentionally and innovatively leads to greater equity and achievement

Teacher Tips for Turning Data into Insights D-A-T-A, data, data, data! You cannot turn a corner these days without the word data being part of the conversation among teachers. With so many forms of data available, it is hard to

The concept of Blended Learning has been gaining traction in the education field over the past few years. It is defined as a formal education program in which a student learns, at least in part, through delivery of content and

I was initially surprised when my July blog post—Personalized Learning or Personalized Schooling?—became one of my most widely read and shared posts so far this year. In particular, this graphic resonated with educators:  This framework clarifies critical distinctions that are

Chart of Learning vs Schooling

Our experience with this class was very personalized. And it was very personal. In education literature, the terms Personalized Learning and Personalization are being increasingly used and discussed, and disagreements about Personalized Learning and its value to students have resulted in several blog posts and debates in the past month. Audrey Watters links to eight of them and adds her perspective here, and Mike Caulfield furthered the conversation here. I agree with others that we need to define these terms better, and my experience with the hospital birth class is a useful and illustrative reference point.