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Showing:  Math Minded

April has arrived! With stay-at-home orders in place for many, we know this is a difficult time for families. School closures have students learning remotely and many parents juggling new work from home schedules on top of parenting.

DreamBox Learning is committed to helping teachers and parents ensure that learning continues during school closures. We’ve made the following resources available to support learning in a remote environment using DreamBox Math.

The DreamBox Learning team is excited to release three new lessons! These lessons cover additional standards and represent brand new lesson formats that will give students a deeply enriching learning experience.

Classroom codes are a recent addition to DreamBox that makes it easier and more secure for K-2 students, who log in directly to DreamBox (rather than through a Single Sign-On portal)*, to enter their classroom. With this feature, K-2 students

What is the real linchpin in a student’s ability to learn math? Is it family socio-economic status? Maybe family members who model confidence in their own technical capabilities? Is it the resources of early-learning classrooms? How safe kids feel in