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Celebrate World Maths Day…the DreamBox Way!

word+maths+dayMathletes, human calculators, and DreamBoxers get ready! World Maths Day, (math is known as maths outside of the U.S.) is coming up on March 4. Students from across the globe will add, subtract, and multiply to gold-medal glory. Please register your class or child and help World Math Day beat last year’s record of 182, 445, 169 questions answered correctly.

World Maths Day Rules:

The 48-hour event is open to anyone ages 5 to 18. Students play opponents from around the globe in real time. Each math game lasts 60 seconds and they can play as many games as they wish. Competition is fierce but fair – math problems match the player’s age and skill level.

Registration is open (and free), but students should register as early as possible to practice. Individuals, homeschoolers, and entire classes can compete. High-achievers earn prizes: coveted spots in the Hall of Fame, minted gold medals, or certificates. Every child receives a digital certificate just for playing.

Getting Kids Excited about Learning Math Online

World Maths Day answers the age-old question: how do we get kids excited about Math? Setting a world record with math games for kids certainly helps! Comment below if you’re participating so we can cheer on your class or child. Our recommended math practice regime – a daily dose of math learning fun with DreamBox!


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