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Chaska Elementary Has Caught DreamBox Fever

Chaska Elementary Has Caught DreamBox Fever

According to their submission video for our Customer Story iPad contest, at Chaska Elementary in suburban Minneapolis/St. Paul, DreamBox fever is contagious. It should be even more so now that they are finalists in the competition and received an iPad.

The teachers love DreamBox because it allows them to better differentiate instruction and spend more 1:1 time with struggling learners. The students love the engagement. Even a parent makes an appearance in their video, talking about how he uses DreamBox as a reward at home.

With about 36% of their 500 K–5 students qualifying for free and reduced lunch, Chaska falls under the Title I Targeted Assistance Program. Part of that funding has gone toward updating the school’s technology, including a suite of iPads. As the kids exclaim in the video, “The students at Chaska love technology and they love DreamBox!”

Engagement makes learning possible

With the engagement that DreamBox provides, a teacher says the program makes it possible for her to work with individuals or small groups to remediate previously taught lessons while the other students are working at their own level on DreamBox. “All learners are engaged in skill-building activities,” she reports. Because the program differentiates its instruction based on the demonstrated skill level of the individual student, it challenges every kid—even if they came from another school or have a history of struggling in math.

Students see the difference

The students realize that DreamBox is making a difference for them as well. “If you work on it so much, you don’t even need the teachers to look at the problem because you’ll get it right away.” Another student talked about how easy it is to find help in the system if you’re struggling in a lesson. One little girl even gave the best endorsement possible: “It gets my math higher and my teachers like that. My mom is really proud of me.”

Parents notice, too

The parents are even getting into the act at Chaska. Realizing that his son enjoyed the program so much, one father has started using time on DreamBox as an incentive at the end of the day. “I use DreamBox as an encouragement to get him to do things after practice, where he’s playing games but continues to learn.”

Finally, DreamBox is allowing the students at Chaska to become 21st century learners. As one teacher put it, “They get to be self-directed learners, and that’s what I want for them. It gives students the power to choose what they want to learn about that particular day.” That kind of power engenders responsibility and critical thinking skills that are important for learners to develop.

Thanks to DreamBox, the teachers and parents of Chaska Elementary are preparing their students for any upcoming challenges they may face.

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