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What Should Your Child be Learning in Math? Check Out Our New Math Growth Chart

Math Development Growth Chart

Math Development Growth Chart

Ever wonder what your children should be learning in math? Or what you can do to supplement their math education? When parents know what to expect at each developmental stage, they can foster learning with fun, educational activities at home.

Developed by education experts, DreamBox Learning’s free Math Development Growth Chart shows what your child should be learning in math from ages four to eight. Print out our free growth chart and keep it handy throughout your child’s academic career!

Our Math Development Growth Chart also has a slew of summertime (and anytime) math activities, so your child can practice math when school is out of session. Don’t let your kids get into a summer slump! Help them keep learning with age-appropriate math games and activities from our fun growth chart.

Features educational math games and activities

  • Scavenger hunts can help four year olds learn to count and sort
  • Clapping patterns help five year olds discover sequences
  • Math games like dice and cards teach six year olds basic addition combinations
  • Counting quarters help seven year olds think in groups
  • Eight year olds enjoy strategy games like checkers, chess, Monopoly, and Clue

Check out the chart for other learning tips and math games.

We know that parents want to be actively involved in their child’s education. So we’ve created a wealth of wonderful (and free) resources for parents.  Take a look at our printables and parent tips!

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