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Chutes & Ladders: A Beginner’s Version for 3-5 Year Olds Sorely Needed!

The box claims this game is appropriate for ages 3+. It’s wrong. There’s just no way. Where do I even begin? There are so many chutes and ladders that it’s difficult to discern each individual box on the game board. It’s also hard for my three-year-old to know if she’s moving towards the right or the left. (The board is a series of switchbacks. Start from the bottom left corner and move across to the right. At the end of the row, move up one row and progress from right to left.) Although there are arrows at the end of every row, this does nothing to help when her piece is in the middle of the row.


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In short, I want to create my own game board! I’d start with a hundreds chart using the numbers 1-100, with a 1 in top left corner and the numbers 1-10 across the top row. I’d clearly separate each row creating a chute that wrapped from the end of one row to the beginning of the next row. (For example, the first chute would start at the number 10 and end on the number 11.)

The skill of wrapping is actually very difficult for kids, and this would have her practicing wrapping with a physical movement. Where would I add the ladders? I’m not sure — anywhere between rows, but not crossing over the physical spaces of the boxes for each number. I’ll bet my three-year-old would like this game much better than the old version. I could even use different dice or various spinners for determining each move. As she gets older, we could return to use the traditional game board. But I need something between now and then. Anyone out there ready to create my beginning version of Chutes & Ladders?

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