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Make Every Minute Count With Classroom Transition Time Tips

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Our DreamBox teachers talk about how they work to find creative ways to make the most of every moment in the school day. And because transition times can sometimes be chaotic, they look for ways to engage students and keep them focused when moving from one activity to another. So the DreamBox Learning teachers have shared these engaging activities to help keep students focused during classroom transition times. Here are a few suggestions, and you’ll find even more ideas in a new DreamBox printable: DreamBox Transition Time Tips.

Transition: Leaving or entering the classroom
Activity: Double Up

Greet students when they come in the door with a deck of cards (without face cards). Show each student a card as they enter and ask them to double it. As a variation, give students 2 cards and ask them to identify which is more (or less) or whether they’re equal. Once you’ve done this several times with the class, have your students take turns leading the activity.

Transition: Snack time
Activity: How Much Snack?

Arrange students in pairs or small groups with counters available. Before students may have their snack, have them do some math! Put the day’s snack in a container. Tell students how much each child should have. Before eating the snack, ask your students to predict if the container has too much, too little, or the right amount for everyone. Allow students to “deal out” the snack one at a time to see if their prediction was correct.

Any transition
Activity: Beat the Clock

For a week, have students take turns timing how long it takes to do various transitions (lining up, cleaning up, walking to a specialist class), and keep track of the time.

Want more suggestions?
You can download the printable with these and more transition time activities for teachers!

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