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Common Core Math Lesson Plans by Grade

Ready to use in elementary classrooms with any type of interactive white board, DreamBox teacher-designed math lesson plans by grade are research-based and designed to strengthen Common Core State Standards for Math (CCSSM) readiness. Our curriculum and instructional designers are National Board Certified teachers who work with our technologists to create easy-to-implement, fun and engaging ways of supporting deep math learning and the CCSSM.

Using virtual manipulatives like these can make an enormous contribution to sense-making abilities for all students—and have been shown to be of special benefit to students who are high-risk, learning disabled, or with limited English proficiency to understand the symbolic language of math. 


This DreamBox Open Array lesson ensures students connect partial products to a concrete area context on the open array.


Numbers to Twenty on the MathRack Sample Lesson

Students use multiple strategies to identify the number of beads on the math rack.  This lesson is about the students looking for mathematical structure and using it to explain their strategies.

Grade 1

Numbers to One Hundreds on the MathRack

Students use multiple strategies to determine the number of beads on the math rack without counting each individual bead. This lesson requires that students look for mathematical structure and use it to subitize (instantly count) large quantities and communicate their thinking.

Grade 2

Build Expressions Equal to Twenty

Students are able to prove that two expressions are equivalent by recognizing smaller parts of the expressions that are equivalent.

Grade 3

Decomposing Fractions Using Time or Money

Students choose time or money as models for decomposing fractions.

Grade 4

Open Arrays

Students compose arrays and use partial products to solve multi-digit multiplication problems, compute the area of a rectangle and learn the distributive property. 

Grade 5

Multiplying Fractions

Students compose rectangles to solve fraction multiplication problems with understanding.

These are just some of the DreamBox lesson plans we provide – free – for teachers. Find more sample CCSSM lesson plans at the bottom of the linked page.  Check back, because more are on the way! 

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