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Story of the Month: Kelly Krownapple

Confidence + Common Core Concepts. It Adds Up to Happy Kids with Soaring Math Scores.

Phelps Luck Elementary has a motto: “No Doubts…No Limits!” For students using DreamBox Learning Math, the words have particular meaning. Math Coach Kelly Krownapple has seen many kids grow more confident, understand math concepts, and raise their scores.

An Early Adopter
Kelly was introduced to DreamBox 5 years ago at another school in the Howard County School District by the Math Supervisor. “I asked to try it out in my classrooms and also to get my (then) 4 ½ year-old daughter into DreamBox at home. I wanted to see first-hand how it worked. I loved it! And I’ve been a proponent ever since.”

Math Learners Become Math Thinkers
At her current school, Phelps Luck, there are 120 kids using DreamBox Learning Math.  “The focus of the implementation of DreamBox is around supporting Intervention Students, as well as for Kindergarten Enrichment and After School programs,” Kelly explains.  “The students just can’t wait to use it because it is so engaging and fun to be on. The best part is that it helps students bridge from the state curriculum to learning the Common Core – it gets them thinking flexibly and understanding true math concepts.”

Teachers Instruction Improves
Kelly says as a result of DreamBox she sees her colleagues flexibly having their students decompose numbers in a similar manner as DreamBox does in the classroom.   She enjoys sharing the DreamBox Teacher Tools resources, and the instructors appreciate having them to use in their classrooms. “They say that there aren’t really any other websites that can represent fractions and multiplying fractions the way DreamBox does, and I have to agree!”

It Works for Kids at Home, Too
Kelly has experienced what DreamBox has done for her own two daughters (now aged 5 and 8) who are both excelling in Math. Her youngest is especially enthusiastic, constantly quizzing her mom with ‘how to add big numbers,’ and rattling off her new math facts with delight. “It really works.”

50% Reduction in Need for Intervention
At Phelps Luck, student results have been stellar.  “Intervention students have seen their scores soar since being on DreamBox.” Kelly wraps up with a great statistic: “Now about half of the students from a DreamBox intervention group from last year no longer need a classroom intervention this year—they are keeping right up with the regular classroom work.”

There’s almost no limit to what DreamBox Math Learning can do for K-5 students at home and at school. 

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