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Contig: Good Family Math Fun

In the spirit of sharing fun at-home math activities with parents, here’s a suggestion for a great game that gives kids an opportunity to practice mental math without the boring worksheets! At the suggestion of Alexandria Jones in her Lets Play Math blog, my family recently played Contig. Alexandria is a homeschooling mom who loves math (I think she has the right philosophy: if all your children ever do is textbook math, that’s like feeding them broccoli-flavored ice cream). She suggested the game in a recent post, Contig Game: Master Your Math Facts, and included not only a link to download the game board but also variations that give you lots of ways to play it.

Looking for more Math Fun Ideas?

The game is great fun – it was a little over the head of our youngest player (first grade), but the kids loved playing it. If you’re a parent who is always on the lookout for fun math activities, consider subscribing to the Lets Play Math blog – she is full of great ideas.

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