Why “Unfinished Learning” was a Math Problem Long Before the Pandemic – Watch On-Demand Video Now

Data? PD? Middle School Math? Oh, my!

Where can you find it? At SXSWedu, of course!

SXSW brings together the best edtech thought leaders from around the world to dialog on the current…and future…state of education, share successes, and debate which policies and practice will best support our learners. What do you want on the agenda?

SXSW panel picker is open from now until Sept. 4th, giving you the opportunity to decide what you want to hear! Looking for ways to use data in your school? Or interested in learning how to cultivate teacher readiness to advance STEM and support next gen learning? We put together four panels, with the industry’s trailblazers, pioneers, and three of our DreamBox Learning thought leaders: CEO, Jessie Woolley-Wilson, Superintendent in Residence, Dr. Greg Firn, and Senior Director of Curriculum Design, Dr. Tim Hudson. These leaders will discuss the latest trends in data, PD, and middle school math to impact the future of education. We are hungry for conversations that result in actionable strategies to improve education for all students, and we know you are too. 

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Cultivating Teacher Readiness in Next Gen Learning

What is thwarting the successful adoption and scaling of digital learning? Discover why MIT’s Office of Digital Learning and the Woodrow Wilson Foundation’s Academy of Teaching and Learning have joined forces to re-imagine and cultivate teacher readiness to advance STEM and support next gen learning.


  • Sanjay Sarma, Director of Digital Learning, Fred Fort Flowers and Daniel Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
  • Jessie Woolley-Wilson, Chair, President and CEO, DreamBox Learning
  • Art Levine, President, Woodrow Wilson Foundation
  • Liz Willen, Editor in Chief, Hechinger Report


Scaling in Education: Lessons from Tyton Growth50

The education sector is experiencing an epic period of excitement and investment, fueling vibrant entrepreneurial activity. The challenge for many is making the transition from start-up to scale, achieving broad-based awareness, adoption, and financial sustainability.


  • Gates Bryant, Executive in Education, Tyton Partners
  • Jessie Woolley-Wilson, Chair, President and CEO, DreamBox Learning
  • Andrew Grauer, CEO and Co-Founder, Course Hero
  • Lane Rankin, CEO and President, Illuminate Education


A Data-Driven Culture: Who’s Behind the Wheel?

It is critical to help teachers easily understand how to make sense of data usage and how to apply it to the classroom. Recent reports show the need to shift the focus from data for informing, to the creation of a culture where data is embraced, effectively used, and for continued results in improved practices, programs, and student achievement. During this panel, learn how to drive with data, creating the culture needed to impact change in educators and students.


  • Sharnell Jackson, K-12 Educational Technology, Chicago Public Schools
  • Mark Schneiderman, Senior Director of Education Policy, SIIA Education Technology Industry Network
  • Patricia Greco, Superintendent, School District of Menomonee Falls.
  • Gregory Firn, Superintendent in Residence DreamBox Learning


Middle School Math: Moving from Agony to Awesome

Most middle school students would rather eat broccoli than do math. Unfortunately, what they think it means to “do math” is a far cry from both what mathematicians really do and how countless professionals “do math” to impact their communities and the world. Join this panel for a discussion about how to support the math achievement of all middle school students even though they’re at a unique time in their psychosocial and mathematical development.


  • Karim Ani, CEO, Mathalicious
  • Rafranz Davis, Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning, Lufkin ISD
  • Tim Hudson, Senior Director of Curriculum Design, DreamBox Learning

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