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December 2019 Activity Calendar

Happy December DreamBoxers! The temperatures have officially dropped and maybe you have even found yourself stuck in a blizzard! No need to worry – we’ve got you covered with all your December activities whether you are snowed in or are just looking for a fun day! Get ready because this months activity calendar is stuffed full with loads of happenings – many of them involving sweet treats!

Starting the month off, on the first we have National Pie Day! Whether it be pumpkin, apple, or cherry there are so many different ways to enjoy this sweet treat! Encourage your students to learn the recipe and its measurements – they can be the perfect sous chefs! On the second we have National Special Education Day. On this day in 1972 the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was signed into law. This law made education available to all American children which ensured a fair and equal education to all. As we continue in the month, we have National Cotton Candy Day. Did you know that this fluffy treat dates back all the way to the 1400’s? Have you students do the math of how long ago that was while their enjoy this carnival treat!

As the month presses on, we have National Dewey Decimal Day on the 10th. This numerical system has been dividing mostly non-fiction publications into ten main categories in libraries since the mid 1800’s! That’s a lot of books! On the 13th we have National Cocoa day. On this delicious day, have your students create their perfect cocoa recipe and share it with others. What a great way to practice ratios! On the 21st we have National Crossword Day! Have your students open their local paper and teach them how to do this mind-boggling puzzles, their answers may surprise you!

As the month comes to an end we have National Card Playing Day. Use this day to teach your students a new game or two. Cards are a great way to teach your students about counting, patterns and more! As the month concludes on the 31st we have New Year’s Eve. As 2019 comes to an end and 2020 begins have your students and even yourself, write down goals for the upcoming year!

As always, for more ways to be mindful of math during the month of December, download your DreamBox Activity Calendar now and use it to encourage the kids in your life to keep making those daily connections between numbers and the world around them. Happy December! Enjoy!


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