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Did Daddy Text Me?

My husband and I have been traveling quite a bit lately. We used to leave our 4-year old daughter, Elle, one note for each morning. Lately, we’ve been sending text messages instead. It wasn’t long before we needed to get creative about the messages we sent, and we started looking for ways to incorporate math into these messages. Here are some recent examples:

  • Dear Elle, Please make sure there are 4 diapers in your brother’s diaper bag. Daddy sometimes forgets to refill it. Thank you for being my big helper. Love, Mommy
  • Princess, Don’t let Daddy forget to give your brother his medicine. Make sure Mommy only gives him 3 ml. Can you help her? Miss you, Daddy
  • Dear munchkin, Last night I had dinner with 9 people. Do you think we could fit 9 people around our table at home? See you tonight, Mommy
  • Hey Super Sport, Let’s both do 20 jumping jacks and 5 pushups today. I miss you. Daddy
  • Good Morning Elle, Do you think it’s better to drink 2 cups or 10 cups of milk a day? I can’t wait to hear what you think. Love, Mommy

It’s hard to be away from the family, and rewarding when we find ways to remind our children that we are always thinking about them. And it’s kinda cool when a 4-year old asks, “Did Daddy text me?”