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Do You Support Funding for EdTech?

An issue has arisen that may be of interest to educators and parents. According to the EdTech Action Network (ETAN), the 2011 federal budget eliminates funding for Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT). We’d like to ask our readers¬† if you agree, disagree, or don’t have strong feelings either way.

If you support a separate funding source of at least $500 million for education technology in the schools, you can express your opinion through social media. ISTE Connects has some suggestions for how to get involved.

Support EdTech. Here’s how:

On Wednesday, May 12, send a tweet, write a blog, update your Facebook status or do all three to show you support Enhancing Education Through Technology.

Here’s a sample EdTech tweet:

As a principal/teacher/parent I know our kids need #edtech in the schools. Fund #EETT at $500m

We welcome your comment below — please let us know how you feel about this issue!

EdTech Resources:

Write your representative through ETAN.

Read more about EETT Funding.

Learn more about the ISTE social media campaign.

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