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Today we Announced the New DreamBox Administrator Dashboard!

Concept Proficiency Report

Concept Proficiency Report

Today, DreamBox Learning launched the Administrator Dashboard for school and district leaders to have an easy to use view of the use, progress, and proficiency of students for every school in a District. Click here to take a look at the new reports available to school and district leaders.

As with all development at DreamBox, the Administrator Dashboard was created to meet a customer need. School and district leaders we spoke with loved the enthusiasm for DreamBox they saw from their students and teachers and the progress they saw students making in mathematics, but told us they still had questions they would like to answer.

The DreamBox team worked with a District Math Curriculum Supervisor who wanted to know how proficient his 2nd graders were in every Elementary School in the district and what progress had been made over time. A Principal wanted to know how much time different classes within her school were spending on DreamBox and if students were taking advantage of access to the program on evenings and weekends. A District Technology lead wanted to see how usage and progress varied by school since not all schools in the district have the same technology access.

Usage Over Time Report

Usage Over Time Report

The DreamBox Learning Administrator Dashboard was built with these questions in mind. It gives elementary schools a dashboard view into the participation, proficiency and progress of all students.

We hope you will find the Dashboard Reports intuitive, easy to digest, and painless to customize.

And we hope you will keep talking to us and asking questions. We want to hear from you about your district, your school, your math program, the needs of your teachers and students and your challenges.

We promise to continue to work to meet your needs and support our schools and districts in helping every student achieve math proficiency.

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