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A Parent Testament: DreamBox and Blended Learning

You can’t believe how it makes us feel at DreamBox Learning when children make great leaps forward in their mathematics conceptual understanding through our online program; and parents discover the power of letting kids take control of their own learning. This is what it’s all about for us – it’s what makes us tick.

I wanted to share with you “My children, my guinea pigs”, a blog by Heather Clayton Staker of the Innosight Institute (an organization that works to apply Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen’s theories of disruptive innovation to develop and promote solutions to the problems of education). In Heather’s case, necessity was the mother of disruptive innovation. After re-locating her family, and with her kids not yet in their new school, she leveraged her recent research on how Alabama is blending online and distance learning with classroom instruction: she started 2 of her children on DreamBox Learning, “which several education leaders have told me is one of their favorites for elementary students.”

Let me share her reaction, which is  my favorite part of this article: “Today at IKEA my five-year-old kindergartener noticed a large, colorful abacus in the children’s area. She walked up to it and began showing me how to make numbers—20, 83, 56. She then demonstrated how to make 32 by taking 68 from 100. I was dumbfounded. She had never touched a real abacus before in her life. Her only exposure was from her three weeks with DreamBox math and its virtual abacus. I could not believe how much her conceptualization for the spatial relationship between numbers has shot up in this brief time and how well she was able to apply her virtual experience to the tangible abacus at IKEA.”

As our CEO, Jessie Woolley-Wilson, commented on the impact DreamBox had on Heather’s family: “It’s a beautiful sight to behold!”

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